In the past, addressing ecological concerns in the finishing industry meant compromising quality. This is not so with MOBYSHIELD. A truly revolutionary water-based wood lacquer, MOBYSHIELD has been created for both a safe environment, and for the discerning craftsmen. This user-friendly industry-tested finish for exceeding international standards for air and workplace safety.

The MOBYSHIELD is formulated to be free from conventional toxins like heavy metals, azo, aromatic solvents, formaldehyde, isocyanate and polyvinyl chloride. The Total Volatile Organic Content (TVOC) of MOBYSHIELD is in compliance with environmental regulations. Hence MOBYSHIELD is suitable to be applied in public areas (hospitals, hotels, restaurants, etc.) where low odor and low toxicity of the wet paint are the required properties.


By abandoning the conventional carbon based methods of formulation for a cross linking modified acrylic- MOBYSHIELD halves the Volatile Organic Content (VOC) of existing water-based finishes while providing exceptional flexibility and durability. Fast-finishing, clean-sanding  and quick building, MOBYSHIELD levels  beautifully  through a wide range of ambient temperatures - reducing finishing time, boosting production, and providing unparalleled performance and luster.


Mobyshield Application

MOBYSHIELD wood finishes have  been tailored to meet the requirements of the professional craftsman by providing the ease of application and flexibility  that is necessarily in today’s market. With exceptional flexibility and durability, MOBYSHIELD provides a unique advantage by taking the lead in providing combined wear, water and chemical resistance, while being among the lowest in VOC and Hazard Air Pollution (HAP) levels in a wood finish. Use MOBYSHIELD, confident that the finish you provide your customers will protect and beautify their  floors  while it helps to protect the environment.


MOBYSHIELD series of water-based wood finishes represent a breakthrough coatings technology where it is now possible to replace and exceed conventional solvent -based paints in terms of specific performance parameters.

Unlike traditional water-based systems, MOBYSHIELD consists of modified acrylic that imparts excellent hardness, water resistance, leveling and gloss to the resultant dry flim. MOBYSHIELD match solvent-based lacquers in terms of drying/curing ability and the former is actually superior in terms of water resistance. In addition,MOBYSHIELD can overcome the problem of grain raising that is typical of water-based coatings on wooden substrates. MOBYSHIELD cures at ambient temperature and does not require heat curing.



Specific Gravity (80.6 °F or 27 °C)     1.02 - 1.10 (Clear)
Solid Content (%)                  35 +/- 5(Clear)
Viscosity (80.6 °F or 27 °C)           25 -31 sec #4 Cup
Binder Type                       Modified Acrylic


Property                        Results
Touch-dry                       20-30 miniutes
Hard-dry                        60 minutes
Adhesion                        100mm square. No detachment

Flexibility                        <2 2mm Mandrel.
Hardness                        2H (without hardener)